Y.M.A.A. Tai Chi Ch'uan of Wisconsin -  Tai Chi and Qigong Instruction
Tai Chi Ball Qigong
Classic Yang Style Tai Chi Ch'uan Classes

Lake Park Church  /  Beginner and Continuing Levels
Monday Night Classes  1 Hour in length
2647 North Stowell (Park Street Basement entrance).
Milwaukee, WI  53211
Please register in advance by sending me your email contact.
$65. per 8 week session. Beginners.
$35. per month. Continuing students.

414-350-5248; laughingheart88@gmail.com
(Handouts, DVD's and Textbooks are available for all levels.)

8 Week Beginner's Session  5:30 PM  $65.00
Now accepting registration for June 20 Class
Introductory program covers the following :
  • 8 Basic Stances
  • Tai Chi Qigong Primary Set, Rocking Set and Coiling Set.
  • Sunrise Tai Chi Sequence (Left and Right Sides).
  • Spinal Qigong
  • Tai Chi Ball  Qigong

Monthly Continuing Sessions  6:30 PM  $35.00
Continue with the Bare Hand Sequence :
  • Classic Yang style Tai Chi Ch'uan Form (37 techniques).
  • Primary Tai Chi sequence applications.
  • Tai Chi Ball Qigong.
  • Pushing Hands Fundamentals.

Milwaukee Recreation Department
Seniorfest 2016, Wednesday June 8, 10AM-5PM
Italian Community Center in the Third Ward
Milwaukee, WI

                 Thanks for Visiting !
Tai Chi Sword

Qigong theory and applications for beginners, for health and for Tai Chi circulation.
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