Y.M.A.A. Tai Chi Ch'uan of Wisconsin -  Tai Chi and Qigong Instruction
Tai Chi Ball Qigong
Classic Yang Style Tai Chi Ch'uan Classes

Lake Park Church  /  Beginner and Continuing Levels
Monday Night Classes  1 Hour in length
2647 North Stowell (Park Street Basement entrance).
Milwaukee, WI  53211
Register in person or in advance.
$65. per 8 week session. Beginners.
$35. per month. Continuing students.

414-350-5248; laughingheart88@gmail.com
(Handouts, DVD's and Textbooks are available for all levels.)

8 Week Beginner's Session  6:30 PM
Introductory program covers the following :
  • 8 Basic Stances
  • Tai Chi Qigong Primary Set, Rocking Set and Coiling Set.
  • Sunrise Tai Chi Sequence (Left and Right Sides).
  • Spinal Qigong

8 Week Continuing Session 5:30 PM
Continue with the Bare Hand Sequence :
  • Classic Yang style Tai Chi Ch'uan Form (37 techniques).
  • Primary Tai Chi sequence applications.
  • Tai Chi Ball Qigong.
  • Pushing Hands Fundamentals.

Milwaukee Recreation Department
Tai Chi & Qigong for beginners.
Riverside High School  1615 East Locust Street
Classes will be added at other locations starting in October.
www.milwaukeerecreation.net   course # 47253

Tai Chi & Qigong Workshop for beginners
Riverside High School  1615 East Locust Street
Saturdays, starting in the Fall.
www.milwaukeerecreation.net   course # 47254

U.W.M. /College of Health Sciences
U.W.M. Students may register for Tai Chi Ch'uan class online  : chs-outreach@uwm.edu

Tai Chi Ch'uan  Levels I & II
Sports & Recreation 293-Lecture 103 & 105* 
Monday/Wednesday 12:30-1:20,15 week Session
Classic Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan form and applications.
Seniors may audit these courses for free.
See www.ymaa.com for current selection of educational materials, books, DVD's, uniforms, etc...
                                            Thanks for Visiting !
Tai Chi Sword

Qigong theory and applications for beginners, for health and for Tai Chi circulation.
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