Y.M.A.A. Tai Chi Ch'uan of Wisconsin -  Tai Chi and Qigong Instruction

                                                                                           Grand Master Kao, Tao
Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming is an internationally renowned teacher and author of the Internal Martial Arts, as well as Kung Fu, White Crane and Qigong.  He is the founder of Yang's Martial Arts Association.   Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming is currently resides at the Y.M.A.A. retreat Center in Eureka, California where he is instructing future lineage holders in the skills mentioned above.  For more information about his programs go to www.ymaaretreatcenter.org 

Angela Laughingheart began her Taijiquan training in 1991, at Yang's Martial Arts Association in Boston.  In  2003 she founded Y.M.A.A. Tai Chi Ch'uan of Wisconsin, a provisional branch of Y.M.A.A. International.

Y.M.A.A. Tai Chi Ch'uan of Wisconsin Programs include the following topics :
Taijiquan (Tai Chi Ch'uan)for Beginners:
37 technique barehand sequence.
Taiji Qigong  (Spinal Qigong and 4 Gates breathing)
Taiji Ball Qigong
Taiji Saber(forms)
Taiji Sword(forms)
Pushing Hands  (Tui Shou) Fundamentals

Private or In-house Workshops are available by special arrangement.
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