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Classic Yang Style Tai Chi Sequence
Dr. Yang's Tai Chi in the mountains.
Classic Yang Style Tai Chi Ch'uan Classes
Three locations serving the Milwaukee Community.

Monday Night Classes:
2647 North Stowell (at Park St.)
Milwaukee, WI  53211

Tai Chi Ch'uan Class/Monday evening - 6:00-7:30PM
Classic Yang Style Tai Chi Ch'uan & Qigong Forms, for health and sport.
Regular classes are ongoing and have continuous registration.

Classic Yang style Tai Chi barehand sequence consists of 112 forms. It takes several years of commitment to learn the sequence and a lifetime to polish and learn it's applications. 
Tuition is $30 per month, $10 per session.

  • Principles and Philosophy  of Tai Chi
  • 8 Basic Stances/13 Postures
  • 37 techniques
  • Tai Chi Qigong (Primary and Coiling Set, Rocking Set)
  • Spinal Qigong Warmup
 Street parking available or the municipal lot at the corners of Downer Avenue and Park Street.

Telephone :  414/350-5248

Suggested reading (link) :  http://ymaa.com/articles/how-do-you-learn-taijiquan

Tai Chi is a low impact martial art that is recommended for senior citizens because it relaxes the mind and the muscles.  It can slowly condition the average body with repetitions of the form and changing the dynamics, from slow speed, to medium speed and then fast speed. 
Descending postures strengthen the legs, torso is conditioned by waving the spine and open-
ing and closing the chest.  Understanding and practicing the applications of each of the 37 techniques is the gateway to the correct feeling of the Tai Chi sequence.
Bay View Community Center
1320 East Oklahoma
Bay View, Wisconsin

Tai Chi & Qigong for Beginners.
This 8 week Session is a good place to start your Tai Chi/Qigong journey.  The foundation of Tai Chi aims at improving the health of the body by repetitive exercises which increase your balance, strength and  flexibility.
  • Basic Principles
  • Basic Stances/Stretches
  • Barehand Sequence(8 forms)
  • Tai Chi Qigong
New classes start every 8 weeks.  Registration is continuous.  Class may be repeated for in-depth instruction. 
Tuition is $52. 

Suggested reading (link) :  http://ymaa.com/articles/how-do-you-learn-taijiquan

Tai Chi is a low impact martial art that is recommended by doctors because it relaxes the mind and the muscles, increases the circulation of blood and energy in the body.

Taiji Saber, Sword, Meditation and various Qigong forms will be available for continuing students.  Tutorials on Tai Chi principles.


U.W.M. /College of Health Sciences

U.W.M. Students may register for Tai Chi Ch'uan class online  : chs-outreach@uwm.edu
or by calling 414/227-3123.  Textbook or uploaded handouts are available.

Spring 2012
Tai Chi Ch'uan Lecture 101/102/106*
Monday/Wednesday 4:00-5:20PM   8 week session.
3/26-5/12/2012.  This class is filled.

Tai Chi Ch'uan Lecture 103/105* 
Monday/Wednesday 12:30-1:20,15 week Session. 
1/23-5/10-2012.  Note*  This class has been filled.

* Each course has two levels and can be repeated for deeper understanding of technique.

Fall 2012  New Class!

Qigong for Health and Body Conditioning

See www.ymaa.com for current selection of educational materials, books, DVD's, uniforms, etc...
 Thanks for Visiting ! 

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