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Tai Chi, Yoga, Qigong, what's the difference ?

All three of these practices are related and with regular practice can benefit your health and well being. Yoga mainly  employs stationary poses and breath work to achieve health, balance and meditation goals. Tai Chi Ch'uan consists of a smooth flowing set of martial techniques which are strung together and performed at varying speeds in a flowing dancelike manner. Qigong is sometimes referred to as Chinese Yoga because it incorporates both internal energy movement and exercises with specific breathing patterns. Tai Chi, Yoga and Qigong may vary from teacher to teacher and at various schools. However they all need to be learned and practiced under an experienced  instructor to acheive enhanced body health and energy flow. Tai Chi Chuan has elements of self defense built into the experience, as well as the internal energy regulation of Yoga and Qigong. Because of the internal energy manipulation of Tai Chi Chuan it can also be described as a Martial Qigong. There are also many sets of Taiji Qigong drills to support the Martial aspects of Taijiquan.

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