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What is Tai Chi Chuan ? Classic Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan is a series of 37 Martial Art techniques, threaded together with emphasized repetitions, into a 108-form sequence.  The learning process begins with Level I, Level II, and Level III in succession. During the acquisition of the sequence a student learns to apply the 5 Regulating Principles:


  1. Regulate the Body

  2. Regulate the Breath

  3. Regulate the Mind

  4. Regulate the Qi

  5. Regulate the Spirit


Upon Completion of the 108 sequence of Tai Chi Chuan, the student will test into Beginning Push Hands drills and Taiji Saber drills to round out their Taijiquan experience.

"The Teacher opens the Door, the students must enter themselves."

See the schedule of Classes on the blog page to initiate your Tai Chi Chuan training:    


Registration is open for Tai Chi level I and II classes. Continuous registration for Qigong class. Learn more by clicking on the topics below!

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