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YMAA Tai Chi Chuan of Wisconsin

Serving Milwaukee since 2003

Lake Park Church
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History of Taiji

Taiji is a Chinese philosophy which has at its center the harmonization of the opposing forces of Yin and Yang.  It was first described in the I Ching, or Book of Changes in 4500 B.C.  This Yin/Yang philosophy permeated all of Chinese culture, arts, medicine and science for thousands of years.  


In 1100 A.D. a Taoist monk by the name of Zheng, San Feng, is credited with creating a martial art based on these principles.  He called it Taiji-quan, or "fist of the mind", which has now become one of the most popular internal martial arts. The basic difference from external martial arts is that it emphasizes the principle of the soft overcoming the hard.  It takes much longer to learn because it relies on relaxation, speed and internal focus, rather than on physical strength.  Tai Chi can be performed with or without martial intent. 


The Taijiquan form is actually a series of martial techniques.  It takes about one year to learn the entire sequence, and many more years to learn the applications. At Y.M.A.A. Taijiquan of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, we practice the full length Classical Yang style of Taijiquan, descended from the Yang, Ban Huo lineage.

Benefits of Tai Chi

Practicing Taiji consistently helps you:

  • Rebuild and Create new neural pathways

  • Regulate Emotional Disturbances

  • Increase osteo circulation for greater bone density

  • Engage in a social ritual with others

  • Improve Balance and Proprioception

  • Deepen and soften breathing

  • Strengthen the Heart and Circulation

  • Ease through minor aches and pains

  • Overall Flexibility

  • Better Sleep Patterns

  • Enhanced psychological state of mind

  • Achieve a heightened, aware, state of mind and responses

  • Musculoskeletal strengthening through weight bearing exercise

  • Release deep reserves of blocked energy

  • Love your body well enough to train it well

  • Discover unexpected capacities and insights

  • Find your natural comfort zone without artificial stimulation​

What is Tai Chi Chuan ?


Classic Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan is a series of 37 Martial Art techniques, threaded together with emphasized repetitions, into a 108-form sequence.  The learning process begins with Level I, Level II, and Level III in succession. During the acquisition of the sequence a student learns to apply the 5 Regulating Principles:


  1. Regulate the Body

  2. Regulate the Breath

  3. Regulate the Mind

  4. Regulate the Qi

  5. Regulate the Spirit


Upon Completion of the 108 sequence of Tai Chi Chuan, the student will test into Beginning Push Hands drills and Taiji Saber drills to round out their Taijiquan experience.

"The Teacher opens the Door, the student must enter by themself."

See the schedule of Classes on the blog page to initiate your Tai Chi Chuan training:    


Registration is open for Tai Chi level I and II classes. Continuous registration for Qigong class. Learn more by clicking on the topics below!

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