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Taijiquan Classes

Tai Chi Chu'an levels I, II, and III are taken consecutively. You must pass the previous class to advance to the next level. 

Classic Yang Style Taijiquan - Level I
Summer Classes forming now!

Level I - 8 weeks.    Choice from Day or evening Classes

   - Thursday Evening 6 -7 PM.  / 8 weeks / Tuition: $65.

   - Saturday Morning 10-11 AM / 8 weeks / Tuition: $65.

 Learn Part One of the Classic Yang Style Tai Chi / 22 movements, 8 Basic Stances and numerous Taiji Qigong Drills. 

Please check out the Schedule page for Tai Chi for Beginners Summer starting Dates. 

Classic Yang Style Taijiquan - Level II

Level II - 16 weeks:

   - Saturday Morning  9-10 AM  / 12 weeks / Tuition: $85

Learn Part Two of the Classic Yang Style Tai Chi Form / 42 forms. 


Classic Yang Style Taijiquan - Level III

 - Saturday, 9-10 AM / 12 weeks / 50 forms / Tuition: $85. 

Class Location & Starting Dates

Lake Park Lutheran Fellowship Hall

2647 North Stowell Avenue/lower level

Milwaukee, WI

When you arrive, please use the lower level entrance on Park Street to get to the fellowship hall.

Check the blog page for upcoming class starting dates.

8-Week Class: $65

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12-Week Class: $85

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Payments must be made in advance to confirm registration.​

History of Taiji

Taiji is a Chinese philosophy which has at its center the harmonization of the opposing forces of Yin and Yang.  It was first described in the I Ching, or Book of Changes in 4500 B.C.  This Yin/Yang philosophy permeated all of Chinese culture, arts, medicine and science for thousands of years. 


In 1100 A.D. a Taoist monk by the name of Zheng, San Feng, is credited with creating a martial art based on these principles.  He called it Taiji-quan, or "fist of the mind", which has now become one of the most popular internal martial arts. The basic difference from external martial arts is that it emphasizes the principle of the soft overcoming the hard.  It takes much longer to learn because it relies on relaxation, speed and internal focus, rather than on physical strength.  Tai Chi can be performed with or without martial intent.


The Taijiquan form is actually a series of martial techniques.  It takes about one year to learn the entire sequence, and many more years to learn the applications. At Y.M.A.A. Taijiquan of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, we practice the full length Classical Yang style of Taijiquan, descended from the Yang, Ban Huo lineage.

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