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Qigong Classes

Wednesday Wellness Qigong

Class timeline:  Continuous Registration - Start anytime.

- Wednesdays / 10am - 11am / 12 weeks / Tuition: $75

- Class consists of a mixture of martial and medical Qigong routines.

- The curriculum of this class includes:

      - 5 Animal Sports (more info on this below)

      - Yang style Mirror Image Tai Chi Sequence

      - Eight Pieces of Brocade

      - Taiji Ball

      - Basic Meditation

      - White Crane Soft Qigong

      - Spinal Qigong


- Challenge Levels for practitioners: forms can be adapted to skill and ability level. Drills can be performed standing or sitting, and number of repetitions can be gradually increased. Weights can be held or worn.

Class Location

Lake Park Lutheran Fellowship Hall

2647 North Stowell Avenue

Milwaukee, WI

When you arrive, please use the lower level entrance on Park Street to get to the Fellowship hall.  See online payment options below.

12 Week Class: $75

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Payments must be made in advance to confirm registration.​

What is Qigong?

Qigong is any attempt by a human being, using certain practices, to increase the amount of Qi (bioelectricity) within the body, and to circulate it, for greater health and longevity, to cure an illness, for martial power, or for enlightenment. 


It shares many attributes with and is sometimes described as Chinese Yoga.  Using the same energy circulatory system as that of acupuncture, it really is the intersection of the mind, breath and body.  It can be performed seated, standing or during meditation.

Qi Gong Chinese characters

Qigong consists of two Characters, Qi meaning life force, and Gong meaning labor or work. Putting the two characters together describes the practice of taking effort to discover, train and enhance the human life force, which is the basis of human health and awareness.


Qigong is older than Taijiquan and originally was used for stimulating the body with exercise and other beneficial practices. The categories of Qigong are as follows: Medical, Scholar, Spiritual and Martial Qigong.

5 Animal Sports

The Five Animal Sports is one of the oldest, most primal health exercises in Qigong. It is a blend of acupuncture theory, breath and movement. In acupuncture theory there are five primary pairs of Yin/Yang organs. Their relative balance and harmony are essential to human health. Each pair of organs is associated with an animal as follows:

Yin Organ







Yang Organ   


Gall Bladder 



Small Intestine 

Large Intestine









The Natural movements of each animal were adapted by the early Qigong practitioners to be precisely beneficial to their related organs. These movements allow for the release of trapped energy, and provide a healing Qi massage for each organ structure. The effect is immediate. Graceful, repetitive forms bring on a sense or harmony and well being.

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